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This compilation gathers the most important judgments and decisions on prison issues handed down by the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union. By reporting on the main trends in European prison case law, it aims to support legal practitioners in the prison field in their research and litigation, as well as to identify blind spots in European case law to build strategic litigation avenues.

GEANTĂ AND OTHERS v. ROMANIA  Applications nos. 39920/16 and 11 others

Refusal to grant prison leave to detainees for the purpose of attending funerals of their close relatives: violation of Article 8.

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COMAN AND OTHERS v. HUNGARY  Application nos. 49006/18 and 8 others

Life sentence with a prospect of release only after serving 40 years: violation of Article 3.

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MACHINA v. THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA  Application no. 69086/14

Authorities’ unreasonable delay in screening prisoner for hepatitis C and failure to investigate her complaints concerning infection while in prison; inadequate medical supervision: violation of Article 3.

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VOSKANYAN v. ARMENIA  Application no. 623/13

Failure to conduct necessary steps in order to protect the life of a detainee, such as transfer to a civilian hospital: violation of Article 2 (substantive limb); failure to carry out an adequate and thorough investigation into the death of pre-trial detainee: violation of Article 2 (procedural limb).

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TYURIN AND OTHERS v. RUSSIA  Applications nos. 32695/14 and 8 others

Permanent video surveillance of detainees in pre-trial and post-conviction detention facilities: violation of Article 8.

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OCHIGAVA v. GEORGIA  Application no. 14142/15

Applicant’s repeatedly ill-treated by prison officers as part of systematic and systemic abuse of inmates and ineffective investigation thereof: violation of Article 3 (substantive and procedural).

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HORVÁTH AND OTHERS v. HUNGARY  Applications nos. 12143/16 and 11 others

Life imprisonment with a prospect of release only after serving 30 to 40 years: violation of Article 3.

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DELTUVA v. LITHUANIA  Application no. 38144/20

Restriction of remand prisoner’s family visits with wife and ten-year-old daughter during first nine months of detention based on unsubstantiated risk of interference with ongoing investigation: violation of Article 8.

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USLU v. TÜRKIYE  Application no. 51590/19

Seizure of a notebook from a prisoner for security reasons having no legal basis in domestic legislation: violation of Article 10.

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