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Database on ECHR case law on prisons

The database is intended to facilitate the use of ECHR case law in support of appeals by prisoners, their relatives or their lawyers before national courts or the European Court. It allows to quickly find the relevant judgments on a given subject.

The search can be carried out by selecting the corresponding keyword(s) in the drop-down menu (the results appear at the bottom of the page). It can also be done in a free search, or by entering the name of the judgment sought (name of the applicant before the ECHR) or the country concerned.

Designed by practitioners from different countries with experience in prison litigation, the database does not aim to be exhaustive, but rather to provide an efficient search in the perspective of a legal argument. The summaries of judgments that it contains have been selected for their relevance to the defense of prisoners’ rights and in order to avoid too many and repetitive results.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the database, please contact us here.

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