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Communication to the Committee of Ministers in the case Nevmerzhitsky v. Ukraine

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The  group  of cases NEVMERZHITSKY v. Ukraine (No. 54825/00) brings  together  all  cases  concerning,  among  other  prison issues,violations  of Articles  3 and  13 of  the  Convention  due  toovercrowding  and  poor material conditions  andlack of access  to  adequate medical  care  in  places of  detention  (problems  with  treatment of  viral  diseases, use  of  handcuffs  in  civilian  hospitals,  lack  of  palliative  care,  access  to  specialised  medical  care, replacement therapy, etc.), as well as lack of preventive and compensatory measures in relation to these issues.

The submission of the EPLN and the Ukrainian NGO KHPG aims to assist the Committee of Ministers in its examination of this group of cases and to draw attention to the continuing problems regarding the lack of access to adequate medical care in Ukraine and the need for a much stronger commitment of the  authorities to effectively protecting the right of prisoners to health protection, which requires a massive reform plan. The Communication also reports that there have been no significant developments with regard to conditions of detention or remedies. It invites the CM to separate the examination of groups  of cases concerning access to health care in prison from those concerning material conditions of detention, as the necessary reforms involve distinct responses, actors and timeframes.