Project “Prison Health & Rights Consortium”

During the summer 2018, EPLN established the Prison Health & Rights Consortium together with the Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs. The Consortium aims at advocating for the recognition of fundamental human and patient rights for the detained persons, in particular detainees living with HIV and drug users in six European countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) by fostering cooperation between human rights defenders and communities of civil society activists who use drugs heavily affected by incarceration and violation of health and human rights in detention.

In 2019, the project enabled to monitor and document 42 cases of violations of health and human rights in the six countries, which were followed by complaints to local control organs or courts. 4 cases were brought to the ECtHR. Through monitoring and analytical work the consortium partner could identify several avenues for further advocacy and litigation action, in particular the issue of release of detainees with HIV under medical grounds and the issue of access to specialised care, in particular antiretroviral therapy, TB treatment and opioid substitution therapy.

The Consortium is supported by the Robert Carr Fund.